Support Humanity.

Support Humanity is a non-political, non-governmental, and non-profitable organization. Rendering all its services without discrimination.


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Who we operate for?

l Support Humanity Organization endeavors to reach the most disadvantage groups in society, often under very difficult circumstances. Support Humanityhas provided much needed assistance to the most susceptible and marginalized groups including returnee refugees, internally displaced persons, poor families women, unemployed, the uneducated as well as the community based organization. Particular attention is also given to the agriculture sector and rural activities that can contribute to more productive and sustainable livelihood.


Support Humanityhas been established in 9th of February 2008 with the following objectives:

To keep in mind the self-sustainability of the vulnerable group of the society precisely women who’s the most vulnerable in deferent parts of Pakistan as per needs of the people and donors pluralities are as follow:

  • To determine the scale and scope of the rehabilitation activities in the support of the vulnerable group through human resource development projects as:

  • Facilitating agriculture, education and awareness, and income generating projects such as tailoring, embroiler, candle, carpet weaving, leather works and so on.

  • Participation of relief activities.

  • To develop office and field capabilities for making investigation, survey, design and implementation of multi disciplined vulnerable support related projects.

  • To assist Pakistani government, local authorities, UN and other donor agencies in rehabilitation program of Pakistan.

A. Current objectives:

  • To assist the most needy and vulnerable communities.

  • To help resettle refugees and internally displaced persons and strengthened livelihood copying strategy.

  • To rehabilitate basic civil infrastructure to help stop the spread of infectious diseases.

  • To build the capacity of Pakistanis to meet their future needs.

B. in the short term Support Humanityprograms objective is:

  • To promote food security and create income and employment opportunities.

  • To promote health conditions of people and control the spread of communicable diseases.

  • To rehabilitate basic civic facilities and make them functional.

  • To contain environmental degradation and encourage and promote environmental protection and conservation.

  • To encourage repatriation and resettlement of internally displaced people and refugees.

  • To ensure the availability of adequate basic social services at the community level.

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C. in the medium and long term Support Humanityprogram objectives are:

  • To promote community empowerment and the establishment of self-help development organizations at the cross-root level.

  • Increasing food security and production through provision of access to agriculture development facilities.

  • Provision of basic social services at community level.

  • Proper utilization of natural sources and prevention of environmental degradation.

  • Provision of job opportunities and increasing family income.

  • Ensure organizational sustainability through implementation of entrepreneurial activities.

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Donate for charity & stop war !

The prolong Taliban war and floods eroded all sorts of social and physical infrastructure in Dera Ismail Khan KPK . A large number of families they lost their homes, killed or displaced by anti government, economic system virtually collapsed, educational institutions were closed and the country’s political and governmental structures were disintegrated.

First Couse

Support Humanity is a non-political, non-governmental, and non-profitable organization. Rendering all its services without discrimination.

Second Couse

Support Humanity will obey all the laws of agriculture, education and vocational of government, donor agencies and coordinating NGOs.


Third Couse

To promote social and environmental wisdom on schools, college and university level with a universal curriculum.


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To promote social and environmental wisdom on schools, college and university level with a universal curriculum.

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As it is conspicuous that more than two decades of devastating and detested fractional floods and Anti government in Pakistan has eradicated all factors of life including Economy, Health, Agriculture, Education and Construction which play a vital role in the development of the country. As per recent statistics available, most of mothers and children mortality cases are rooted from the lower education or literacy rate, health and hygiene awareness and it is also due to lake of medical facilities in the areas land limited access to them.

Health Program

Within its capacity and resources where it has site offices, prime objective Support Humanity focuses on health assistance. There are medical doctors working in this Support Humanity, who are keener to again humanitarian assistanceyy which is physical rehabilitation of Pakistani nation. Support Humanity has got to recruit enough female andy6 male doctors and health related assistance activities to improve the health conditions of the most vulnerable families affected by natural and man-made disasters in its area of reference. Support Humanity is able to manage mobile medical teams under normal condition or in emergency cases like earthquake, flood, fire or conflicts to cure the victims with your close cooperation and contribution. The program activities would be monitored and evaluated on regular basis by the head of health section, the director and by the respective representative of the donor agency concerned.

Women Affairs Section

As it is conspicuous worldwide that women from this area have been facing lots of problems since years in the different terms of life, especially the dark regime of Taliban when Pakistani women were kept in the closure of their houses in tribal areas ; Though after restoring peace and stability in theses land by mass cooperation of international community, lots problems have been solved but many more remaining to be resolved. Pakistani women still have no access to full natural and social rights and job opportunities in different sectors. In remote provinces and areas of Pakistani women are mostly deprived and vulnerable due to various reasons and causes rooted in the past period of situation and tradition. It also should be mentioned that there are some skilled and education women in those remote areas but they are not permitted to practice their knowledge and understanding at least for their self- sufficiency, it means that there is not favorable and appropriate condition yet to do so. Therefore, Support Humanity has an independent women affairs section to take part in women’s economic improvement, health care, and women rights and so on which needs for contribution.

Support Humanity has already implemented projects in rural areas of Dera ismail khan focusing on women affairs and empowerment for decision making within the families and communities though capacity building training courses and income-generating projects and also is keen to make further cooperation with Pakistani women living in remote areas .

Agriculture and Construction Section

Agriculture is one of the most significant sectors in a country to revive its economy, provide food efficiency and make it self-sufficient but lack of suitable agriculture may lead a society to economic stagnation and shortage of food causing malnutrition and spread of a variety of diseases among deserved and vulnerable people. So a legitimate agriculture system may have a vital role for economic improvement in a community and its people but no illegitimate agriculture system like poppy cultivation and other noxious crops that marginalizes the Pakistan’s dignity among the nation, leads the young addicted generation to death son and covers its sinister shadow over the territory. Concentrating the issue, Support Humanity is willing to boost other crops and fruit trees (e.g. Saffron cultivation, etc…) as alternative crops instead of poppy which is profitable and legitimate so Support Humanity may take more initiatives in this regard and include in its annual work plan.

Support Humanity has committed its short-term as well as long-term objectives to take part in extension of its capacity in Pakistan’s reconstruction and modernization process. The organization in close coordination and seeking for funds from the donor agencies to assist the rural farmers by focusing on improvement of irrigation systems, assisting the drought-affected areas in terms of rehabilitation of water supply systems, drinking water, building of school and any other public construction.